Room Booking System


There are 5 types of rooms to choose:

  1. Standard room with no piano
  2. Standard room with grand piano
  3. Standard room with upright piano
  4. Standard room with Clavinova keyboard
  5. Piano Priority Room
  6. Harp Priority Room

All rooms with the exception of the Harp Priority Room may be used by any student where available and not reserved in advance through the Room Booking System.

Each student, with the exception of Composition and RAS majors, has a credit of 12 hours at all times. The credits may be used to book any number of hours up to a maximum of 12. The student may book further hours after the advance bookings have been used, lapsed, or deleted from the account. Composition and RAS students, while not granted credit hours to pre-book practice rooms may use any room that is available at any time. Percussion students are not required to use this system to book percussion practice rooms.

Room bookings are not exchangeable - students should only book the room for their own usage and not on behalf of their friends.